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PCOS is a hormonal condition that exists in women of reproductive age. It causes irregular periods, hirsutism – which is extra hairs on your face and all over your body – anxiety, and depression. It also causes fertility problems. So basically, everything around your hormones. When I was 13, I had a lot of hairs on my face, on my chest, and on my body. I found that a little bit weird. I’m from an island called Mauritius, so there, you don’t really talk about PCOS and it’s not really taken seriously. When I came to Canada around five years ago, I went to my doctor and said “You know, this is not normal. We need to figure out something, I can’t keep living like this.” She officially diagnosed me through an ultrasound. I think I’m happy where I’m at in my PCOS journey because it’s been three years now that I’ve had it quote unquote under control. Where I’m fully under control, I have the remote, you know. I think with diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, I was really able to figure it out. If you continue believing in yourself, you take the necessary changes towards your diet, your exercise, and you do it for yourself. You can do this and you’re not alone.

– Reish
PCOS Patient

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