Where to purchase Inofolic®

Inofolic® is available without prescription.

Inofolic® is now available to Canadian women living with PCOS! Here is how to get yours:

Signature Service

Inofolic® is available through PHARMEX Direct – a fully accredited, Canadian, direct delivery pharmacy. For additional support, you can speak to a pharmacist, trained to support women with PCOS, at the number below.

Inofolic® is also available through Well.ca – they offer a broad selection of carefully curated, peer-reviewed products, all available online and delivered right to your door.

Call now: 1.800.663.8637

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Inofolic® is not available in all local retail pharmacies. Ask your local pharmacy for a special order of Inofolic®. Here are the Canadian wholesaler codes that will be useful for your pharmacist:

Wholesaler Code
Kohl & Frisch
Imperial AB + BC
Inofolic Box - a new option in managing polycystic ovary syndrome

An internationally trusted product, Inofolic® has been available worldwide for over 14 years, helping women manage their PCOS symptoms. BioSyent has been helping women manage their health with known products like FeraMAX®, RepaGyn®, Tibella® and Combogesic®. We are pleased to bring Inofolic® to Canadian women living with PCOS.

Think you might have symptoms of PCOS?

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