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I first found out I had PCOS probably when I was a teenager. I started experiencing bad period pains and my mom began to pick up on certain symptoms that I had. I went and saw a load of different doctors. Eventually, I did get a diagnosis, but my mum and I knew that I had had it right from the beginning. I turned to a more holistic approach and turned more towards nutrition. I began cutting dairy out and supplementing. At the moment I take an inositol, Women’s health blends that have herbal supplements in them, Omegas, and I guess just everything that any doctor says will help with any of the symptoms I will take. Since I started using Inositol, I’ve seen my symptoms improve. Right now with my PCOS journey I feel like I know what to do in terms of supplementation, wellness, health and fitness. I kind of know what to do now. My biggest goal is probably trying to help lessen the painful periods and also see my body hair isn’t growing as fast as it was before. I still acknowledge that these things will probably still happen, but if I can see that slowing or bettering in some way, then that’s where I am aiming to get to.

– Eshna
PCOS Patient

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