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So I first found out I had PCOS a couple of months ago. Since I’m only a few months into the diagnosis, it’s definitely been hard to maintain and kind of hard to manage just because sometimes I’ve got new triggers or new symptoms have kind of come up. I definitely feel like I’m not in a stable place with my PCOS, but I feel like I can get there. It’s just, taking some time. PCOS is where your body ends up creating more male hormones. And at that point it can affect acne, it can affect your menstruation, it can affect your physical appearance. I would definitely say be patient with yourself because it takes time to even get to a good place. Having that burden of finding out you have PCOS and then thinking about everything that it’s kind of done. My biggest goal is really to get a normal period, to kind of get a sort of routine within my life. Whether it’s bringing back forms of exercise or being more comfortable in my body, being able to kind of just look at myself and accept and not be upset by what PCOS has affected for me physically.

– Tijana
PCOS Patient

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