Is inositol helpful for fertility in PCOS?

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Inositol is a natural compound made by the human body that is involved in major pathways in metabolism, inflammation, and hormone function. It’s becoming a popular supplement for fertility due to its influence on the ovaries and key hormones like follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and insulin, but what exactly is the benefit and how does inositol work?

Kierra’s Story

Patient named Kierra

Read Kierra’s PCOS Story I found out I had PCOS when I was 15 years old. I had to get some tests on my ovaries and then they saw that there were cysts there. And then they also did blood work that determined I had thyroid deficiencies and different imbalances that were markers of having […]

Tijana’s Story

Patient named Tijana

Read Tijana’s PCOS Story So I first found out I had PCOS a couple of months ago. Since I’m only a few months into the diagnosis, it’s definitely been hard to maintain and kind of hard to manage just because sometimes I’ve got new triggers or new symptoms have kind of come up. I definitely […]

Chelsea’s Story

Patient named Chelsea

Read Chelsea’s PCOS Story It has been probably ten years since I was diagnosed. The first time what happened was I was getting acne, I was getting a lot of facial hair. My periods were like so bad and so painful I couldn’t even walk. And then I came to Canada, went to a gynecologist […]

Eshna’s Story

Patient named Eshna

Read Eshna’s PCOS Story I first found out I had PCOS probably when I was a teenager. I started experiencing bad period pains and my mom began to pick up on certain symptoms that I had. I went and saw a load of different doctors. Eventually, I did get a diagnosis, but my mum and […]

Reish’s Story

Patient named Reish

Read Reish’s PCOS Story PCOS is a hormonal condition that exists in women of reproductive age. It causes irregular periods, hirsutism – which is extra hairs on your face and all over your body – anxiety, and depression. It also causes fertility problems. So basically, everything around your hormones. When I was 13, I had […]